Our team at Redbrick Mortgage Advisory has more than 60 years of banking experience and is proficient in structuring and sourcing for the best financing terms for both residential and commercial real estate in Singapore, Malaysia, USA, UK, Japan, Thailand and Australia. We have financed:

more than SGD 2 billion in retail mortgages
more than 2,000 properties
mortgages from SGD 80k to SGD 25 million

As experts in financing solutions, we seek mortgage options from 16 banks and financial institutions in Singapore (i.e ANZ, DBS, OCBC, HSBC, UOB, SCB, RHB, Maybank, Bank of China, CIMB, National Australia Bank, Singapura Finance, Sing Investments & Finance, Hong Leong Finance, Westpac)


Eugene Huang

Eugene founded Redbrick Mortgage Advisory out of the strong belief that there should be an eco-system in which all parties of the mortgage industry can co-exists to facilitate a meaningful and profitable value chain.  Eugene has personally structured mortgages with more than SGD 1 billion in total value during his stint in a multinational offshore bank in Singapore. His experience in secured lending spans from hire purchase, operating leases to real estate financing.

“With the support of our customers and industry players, Redbrick has managed to build up an impressive customer base and financing volume. I have a very strong team supporting me and that has enabled me to focus on continued expansion and innovation in order to stay ahead of our competition.”

When Eugene is not thinking about real estate, he is contemplating on where to have his next culinary experience.

Landy Lan

Landy is a founding member of Redbrick Mortgage Advisory.  Together with the current management team, she has a pivotal role in the success of Redbrick, especially in building and maintaining a highly qualified sales team that continuously delivers optimal performance.  Her tireless dedication is key in bringing out the best in the entire company.

“I am a strong advocate of networking and maintaining a strong and engaging relationship with my customers.  Just as much as my customers benefit from my financial advice and solutions, I benefit from them in learning their unique investment and life strategy. This chemistry is the most fulfilling part of my job, both in a professional and personal sense.”

Landy has a keen eye for aesthetics and especially love to visit her customers’ beautiful homes.

Jennifer Yeap

As a pioneering member of Redbrick, Jennifer is instrumental in her role as part of Redbrick’s management team.  The company has hugely benefited from her acute expertise in the field of mortgage and investment products.  Her leadership and guidance has helped Redbrick achieved its position as the preferred mortgage broker it is known in the industry today.

“I have always been very passionate about the property market.  Its relation and dependency on both a country’s micro and macro environment intrigues me.  This strong interest has enabled me to give the best advice to a home buyer/investor, striking an optimal balance between their financial commitment and investment portfolio.”

Next to the property market, Jennifer’s other passion is living life to the fullest; dancing for the most part.

Jasper Eng

Jasper brings to Redbrick an excellent track record amassed in the 10 years he has spent in the banking and finance industry.  His professional experience covers a diverse portfolio in the field of wealth management as a financial advisor, relationship manager and a mortgage specialist. As a senior member of the Redbrick team, he manages a team of dynamic brokers/advisors in the area of sales management and performance.

“My biggest satisfaction is seeing my customers achieve their life-long dream of owning a house and having a roof over their head.  My biggest motivation is helping them accumulate and preserve their wealth in the process, providing financial solutions that maximize their investment returns.”

Jasper loves it when his wife cooks up a storm in the kitchen.

Jacqueline Conceicao

Jacqueline is a veteran in the banking and finance industry having spent more than 25 years in global banking giants such as HSBC and SCB. Her vast experience in this field is has greatly benefitted the team and of course the customers that Jacqueline has serviced.

“My job at Redbrick allows me to combine 2 of my biggest strengths; my love in interacting with people and my knowledge in the finance/mortgage arena. As a result, I am able to rise up to the challenge of giving individual customers the best of my ability.” 

In her spare time, Jacqueline indulges herself in her love for the movies. 

Alan Chua

Alan specializes in the area of SME Financing covering trade financing and commercial mortgage/refinancing loans at Redbrick.  He is equally adept in residential property loans.  He joined Redbrick with a meticulous record in business banking having won many awards and accolades in his stint at major banks like UOB, RHB and DBS.

“The SME space is under tremendous pressure from rising operating costs and strong global competition.  I derive great joy and satisfaction when my customers are able to run a tight and profitable business, directly benefitting from my advise on optimizing their business facilities to meet their working capital requirements and achieve business savings from lower interest rates.”

Alan enjoys travelling having been bitten by the backpacking bug.

Andrew Adriaan

Andrew spent the last 7 years working with private bankers, advising high networth clients on their mortgage matters. As a highly efficient banker, he has won many sales awards during his employment with one of the largest lenders in Singapore.

“Other than a tried and proven method to accumulate wealth, real estate has also proved to be a highly effective wealth preservation tool which last for generations. We must also be able to help clients obtain the right amount of leverage at the lowest possible cost to maximize their returns on these assets they own.”

Andrew believes a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, which is essential for his role as a mortgage advisor, and can often been seen in the gym working out a sweat after a long day at work.

Jo’An Tan

Armed with a local degree with a major in Economics, Jo’An embarked her career in the world of secured lending with her previous roles in SME Banking at leading banks for this segment; UOB and OCBC.  

Her extensive job scope included commercial and industrial property financing, issuance of LC and business term loans.  This has allowed her to confidently embrace the processes involved in the mortgage industry at Redbrick.

“The journey to helping my clients navigate through the field and paper work required to process a mortgage loan can be both direct and complicated depending on the situation.  But at the end of the day, what makes me happiest is being able to bring a smile to my clients’ faces when I see their transactions through successfully with as little inconvenience to them as possible.  In addition, as the property market is dynamic, learning new things and making sense of it on a daily basis is a challenge I enjoy.”

Jo’An likens herself to a Masterchef in Chinese cuisine.  She loves to travel too!


Ting Ting

Ting joins Redbrick after her in stint in SCB as a mortgage specialist sparked her interest in the property market.  She has not turned back since then, as her interest has grown stronger and stronger. She is the ‘backbone’ of Redbrick, responsible for the operational aspects of the company.

“I have always wanted a job that will challenge myself and pushes my up the learning growth in the shortest possible time. I think I have found that here with a bonus; it’s in an industry that i have a strong interest and passion for.”

Ting spends her time outside work going for movies and hanging out with her family, which she adores.  On a quiet note, she can be found ‘travelling’ around the World Wide Web.

Joel Tang

Joel started his career processing and underwriting credit applications in a large offshore bank in Singapore. Shortly after, he progressed into a client advisory role as a mortgage specialist with the belief that every client deserves the immaculate attention and great service he enjoys delivering.

“Real estate is an asset class that is close to the hearts of many Singaporeans. Over the course of my mortgage career, I have seen how real estate investments can be a great avenue for wealth accumulation as well as one of the best retirement planning tools. I would like to spend more time understanding real estate, so as to be able share the knowledge with my clients and help them achieve their financial goals using this asset class.”

Joel enjoys playing the guitar, often serenading his loved one into the wee hours of the morning. 

Sophia Sim

Sophia joined Redbrick after establishing herself firmly in the banking industry.  She started off as a Relationship Manager and moved on to specialise in the mortgage arena.

In the last 5 years, she has amassed an excellent working knowledge in the role of a mortgage advisor.  This is demonstrated through her professional interaction with both her clients and business associates in the various banks that Redbrick works with.

“I derive great personal and professional gratification in my role here at Redbrick.  I am very fortunate to be doing something that I have a strong interest in.  Not only that, I am able to employ this passion to bring financing solutions to my clients and facilitate them to achieve savings and accumulate wealth.  As an independent broker, I am able to give the best options to my clients in the most objective manner.”

Sophia de-stresses with her other passion; running.  This allows her to release her negative energies and tension into the wind.


Alvin Lock

Alvin has enjoyed extensive success with more than 11 years of experience and track record in Retail and Private Banking. Having worked for some of the most established local and international financial institutions in Singapore, Alvin developed meaningful long term relationships with his clients from diverse cultures, demographics, and business backgrounds. His core expertise encompasses a full spectrum of wealth management services including Investment Advisory, Portfolio Management and Financing, Margin Trading, Legacy Planning, and Property Loans.

“I take immense pride in building and deepening relationships with my clients through co-managing their financial aspirations and continuously exceeding their expectations. Our clients are our real bosses and it is important for us to appreciate a following that comes from their satisfied recommendations.”

If Alvin isn’t working, he would love to spend his time bringing his folks out for dinner, watching a movie at home with his wife, helping out at Church, running along East Coast Park, or snowboarding during winter in Japan.

Edwin Low

Armed with a finance degree since 1985, Edwin immersed himself in the world of financial markets. He spent the last decade in SGX where he was responsible for launching content rich and high frequency market data real time feeds for trading members, market data vendors and independent service providers connecting to SGX trading platforms.

“Being a real estate investor myself, I thought I was well versed in the world of mortgages and real estate. But after I joined Redbrick, I never realised how little I knew! I envision myself spending the next 10 years becoming more proficient in the industry and passing on the knowledge to benefit consumers who walk through our doors.”

Edwin loves cycling, and was recently seen riding for Ride for Rainbows. He often spends his weekends talking kilometres on his bicycle.

Choo Yilin

With a strong passion for all things media and communication related, Yilin joins Redbrick as a marketing manager where she oversees creative concepts and ensures events go off without a hitch. Prior to joining the mortgage and real estate industry, she previously freelanced as a video producer for various sporting events, including the 28th Southeast Asian Games 2015.

“With my multidisciplinary background in marketing, production and communication, I love that I am able to bring my enthusiasm for communication to a whole new industry. It can be challenging at times, but more often than not it is hugely enriching.” 

Work aside, Yilin indulges heavily in various TV series as well as her favourite sport – ten-pin bowling.

Lucas Leow

Before joining Redbrick, Lucas was working in one of the largest property development companies in Singapore, focusing on industrial and landed properties. Interacting with the SME towkays and seasoned property investors intrigued him and made him want to learn more about the financial aspects of real estate. He then progressed on as a mortgage specialist in a large offshore bank in Singapore, and subsequently brought along the knowledge and experience he’s gained to Redbrick.

“I’ve seen how businesses in Singapore have to pay through their noses in rents, and realised how important it is for businesses to own their own properties, especially in a fast-growing country like Singapore.”

In his free time, Lucas is constantly looking up new destinations to satisfy his wanderlust.

Sherlyn Chua

Prior to joining Redbrick, Sherlyn had experienced working in both offshore and local financial institutions, handling various products such as corporate cards and secured loans. She previously specialized in mortgage loans for commercial and residential properties, but the dynamics of real estate fascinated her and she was keen to take on the role of helping customers as an advisor instead.

“My sense of satisfaction comes from interacting with new people and giving my clients advice from an objective point of view, allowing them to maximize their cash flow for the assets they own. Their satisfaction with my services and advice motivates me to give the best I can.”

After a day’s hard work, Sherlyn unwinds by spending time with her dog and watching Korean dramas.

Stanley Siu

Over the years, Stanley built a strong career in information technology for companies including as Goldman Sachs and Sun Microsystems Asia Pacific, and is adept with banking systems. He hopes to be a property investor one day, thus venturing into financial consultancy for both home and business owners where he helped them explore financing options for their properties, before coming to Redbrick.

“My satisfaction is derived from helping my customers with their financials, providing a suitable solution based on my experience and knowledge. As an aspiring property investor myself, I know exactly what my customers are going through and can help them align their priorities with their goals.”

Outside of Redbrick, Stanley spends his free time listening to music or even DJ’ing. He’s also a sports junkie; committing each weekend to basketball and futsal with his friends.

Kenneth Tan

Armed with a degree in accounting and finance, Kenneth took the conventional route of joining a Big Four accounting firm. However, real estate was something he had always been passionate about, and so he took a leap of faith and joined ERA thereafter. This enthusiasm in real estate urged him to further pursue his interests; following which, he joined Redbrick as a mortgage advisor.

“I have been enthusiastic about real estate since young. The intricacies of the real estate landscape has never failed to interest me, and I firmly believe that structuring investors’ finances is important to their investment portfolio. I find it challenging to provide various strategic options to cater to the needs of each individual.”

Besides work, Kenneth has a keen interest in boardgames. Not just playing but also, collecting them.