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Aisha Tandek

Aisha Tandek Friendster Aisha has been in the banking industry for the past 11 years liaising with consumer and corporate banking clients in personal financial services and accounts servicing. She is commended with her excellence in customer service , interpersonal skills and ability in prioritize clients’ first. “Redbrick offers a comfortable workspace and provides professional

Ivan Ong

Ivan Ong Ivan started his journey in Financial Services back in 2013, and has provided advice to clients in the areas of risk management, investment, estate planning and now debt structuring. He has also trained Financial Adviser reps in the past and conducted several financial literacy talks till today. “As a Certified Financial Planner, I


When it comes to buying your home, it goes without saying that we want to (and should) rack in as much savings as humanly possible and get the best home loan in Singapore. We are talking about something that takes 2-3 decades to pay off after all!  It is possibly the biggest purchase of our

How SERS Give Older HDBs A New Life

Many homeowners of older HDB flats are praying that their property would be able to go through the Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS) to renew their aged property. Since all HDB ownership has a 99-years lease, owners of aged properties hope that through SERS, they will be able to relocate to a new home


The world stock market declined a whooping 20.4%1 this year. So what is a tried and proven way to ensure that fortune favours you through this extremely tumultuous investment storm? The often-heard D.C.A. Or Dollar Cost Averaging has proven itself to be a stellar recipe for times like this. What happened? As COVID-19 receded from

2-Room Flexi Scheme: A Retirement Home

In a bid to cater to the needs of singles, low-income families and the elderly, the Ministry of National Development (MND) and Housing & Development Board (HDB) introduced the 2-Room Flexi Scheme in 2015. For the elderly, this scheme provides an additional housing option during retirement, allowing them more flexibility in retirement planning. In every

Habib Nasiruddin

Habib Nasiruddin Habib had a fulfilling career in the education industry, nurturing young minds to help them grow and develop as individuals. Through his 13 years as an educator, he learnt that the best way to understand one’s needs is to listen actively and engage with them. Habib aims to guide homeowners by educating them

Christopher See

Christopher See Christopher See was previously in the sales and marketing industry, helping SMEs increase their revenue through paid social media campaigns, increase efficiency through campaign optimization and is well-versed in data analytics. “I strive to help my clients to not only save on the interest rate but to give valuable advice and industry insights

Rental in Singapore: A cultural shift and its impact on the real estate market

Amidst all the attention paid to the resale market, there is an undercurrent festering in the real estate market. Ever since COVID-19 made landfall in our lion city, the Singapore government had administered policies and movement restrictions to curb its further spread. One of them was the implementation of the Circuit Breaker period, in which