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What should you look out for when buying a Building-Under-Construction (BUC) unit?

While properties that are still under construction may have more risks than a completed property, developers often incentivize buyers with per-square-foot discounts, absorption of stamp duties or other administrative costs. Besides the monetary savings arising from an early purchase, you might benefit from a lower interest rate as well! This is because BUC loan rates […]

What is the Lease Buyback Scheme and how can you benefit from it?

The Lease Buyback Scheme (LBS) is a way that the elderly can monetise their flats if they are living in a 4-room or smaller flat. Through this, the immovable asset will liquidate into a stream of income during retirement years and allow them to continue living in it. In addition, HDB will also provide a […]

Unlock The Value Of Your Property With Equity Loans

Congratulations! You have finally paid off your home loan. You can now come home to a property you own and even dig for extra cash in your pocket which would otherwise have gone to paying your home mortgage. What bliss! But did you know that, more than just owning a safe roof over your head, […]