Picture of Kenn Tan

Kenn Tan

With a solid foundation of five years in law enforcement, where integrity is paramount, Kenn transitioned seamlessly into being the country head of sales for a local fitness company. He spearheaded numerous successful initiatives, driving significant revenue growth and market expansion. Kenn's approach to mortgage advising is not simply about securing a mortgage for his clients; he is dedicated to providing the best mortgage advice that fits their individual needs. He views mortgage as a journey and expresses his desire to walk that path alongside his clients, offering guidance and support throughout the process.

Auction Bidding – Tips and Tricks

Everyone knows about the 2 main ways to purchase a home – buying directly from a developer or the resale market. But did you know there’s another way? Unbeknownst to many, auction bidding is another great way to purchase your house! Auction bidding is a great way to snag deals, especially if present owners are urgently selling their homes. You might be able to receive a significant discount compared to if you directly purchased from the developer or resale market!