Steffi Tam

Steffi Tam

Before joining Redbrick, Steffi spent numerous years in banking, rising through the ranks from serving retail clients to high net worth individuals in top tier local and foreign banks. She acquired numerous awards for her sales and service during her time in the various banks. Steffi’s expertise lies in managing her clients’ wealth holistically. She does this by providing advisory on matters relating to Investments, Portfolio Management, Financing and Refinancing, Leveraged Trading, Legacy Planning, and Property Loan

Maximising Your CPF for Home Loans

Are you considering purchasing a new property but have no idea how much Central Provident Fund (CPF) you can use to finance your purchase? Or perhaps you are looking for alternatives to invest your cash and need new financing modes for your mortgage. Well, here’s a quick run through of how you can make the best use of your CPF savings. Types of Home Loans Before delving into the details of using CPF, it is crucial for us to identify

Rain, Rain, Go Away: Singapore’s problem with flash floods

For those suffering from travel bug bites and sighing at the inability to travel to Norway or Japan to catch snow during the Winter season, the weather here in Singapore has not disappointed much in the first two weeks of 2021. With temperatures reaching an all-time low of about 21.4℃ due to heavy torrential rainfall, making it the perfect weather to snooze and stay in bed. Most of us will enjoy grabbing a cup of hot chocolate and tucking into