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Dual-key units: An alternative method to owning a second property

While every Singaporean talks and dreams about owning multiple properties across the sunny island, and then retiring comfortably on the stable stream of rental income – how many actually achieve it? And why is it tough for those who are struggling to achieve it? As for majority of the population, after saving the bulk of […]

Make your money work harder for you: Mortgage interest offset accounts

Housing loans are one of the biggest financial liabilities we have in our lifetime. With the current low interest rate environment, a $500k loan over the low interest would still amount to a $120k payment towards interest over a 30-year tenure. Here, I’ll be sharing more about how we can reduce the so-called $120k paid […]

Update on Australian Property Financing

For many Singaporeans, one of the top choices of country for overseas property investment is Australia. Unsurprisingly, it is also the top choice for Malaysians, and amongst the top three choices for Indonesian and Hong Kong investors. Being the preferred location for studies and retirement, along with a stable economy, perceptions of higher yields and […]

5 reasons why your home loan application will be rejected (and how to avoid it)

Are you stuck in a situation where you’ve applied to multiple banks for your housing loan and have gotten rejections from them, yet the bankers were unable to disclose the reason(s) to you? Here, I’ll share some common loan application issues – the exact reasons why your loan was not approved and how you can […]