Zann Liew

Zann Liew

Zann was a change-maker in the social service sector, contributing towards making Singapore a more caring and inclusive society. She fundraised in support of the less privileged and advocates for the welfare and employability of those who have fallen through the cracks. Since joining Redbrick, she continues to make positive impact on lives in a different kind of way.

3 Important Things To Take Note When Taking Up Rental Space

With evolving customer taste and preference, more and more business enthusiasts and entrepreneur wannabes are taking the chance to jump on the bandwagon in the hopes of becoming the next big brand. While many retail brands have taken to the e-commerce space, using social media platforms and the internet to market their products, the idea of taking up rental space in a physical store still sounds pretty exciting, giving a sense of ownership, pride and legitimacy. However, we have all

How to pet-proof your home

Pet ownership in Singapore has steadily increased over the past years. A Business Times article states that Singapore’s pet dogs and cats have grown about 19% in 5 years, reaching 196,000 in 2019. The covid-19 pandemic also sees more house owners getting a pet as a companion as there were more time spent at home due to the work from home arrangement.       Having a pet is a responsibility not to be taken lightly as it is similar to having