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Inflation Or Recession?

The US inflation rose from 7.4% (in February) to a record 40-year high of 8.5% (in March) year-on-year. Causes for inflation, such as the Russia-Ukraine War, are persisting (see here for the effects of a prolonged war). Inflation is also rising globally. Following the first interest rate hike in March 2022, the US Federal Reserve

Would A Recession Be Imminent?

The US Federal Reserve (Fed) started the ball rolling on interest rate hikes in March after inflation reared its ugly head by clocking a 7.9% rise year-on-year in February. Another 6 more interest rate hikes are to come this year, and possibly another 4 hikes next year. The war is also causing prices to climb.

Would The War Crash The Market?

Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine has dominated the headlines, with more and more sanctions being announced as the assault continued. Russia had taken offence at Ukraine’s bid to be part of the European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and moved to stop it. Even though a full-scale invasion was the least

Redbrick Conversation With Alan Toh, Advisory Group Division Director, ERA

Redbrick Mortgage Advisory is honoured to interview Mr. Alan Toh, head of Vision Group of ERA. Alan is an Advisory Group Division Director who has been focusing on personal mentorship and takes pride in the performance and growth of his group. Alan talks about how his real estate journey began 21 years ago and also

Redbrick Conversation With Mark Teo, Emeritus Agency Group Division Director, ERA

Redbrick Mortgage Advisory is honored to interview Mr. Mark Teo, head of HEXA Group of ERA. Hexa Group is the home of the number 1 champion team Catalyst Division for 3 years consecutively 2018, 2019 and 2020. Mark is the Emeritus Agency Group Division Director who has been developing and grooming the next generation of

Redbrick Conversation with Kevin Lim, Chief Agency Director, ERA

Redbrick Mortgage Advisory is honoured to interview Mr. Kevin Lim from the PREEMINENT Group of ERA. Kevin is the Chief Agency Director who leads the largest group within ERA and has received numerous accolades and awards during his career. With almost 20 years of experience, Kevin shares about how he started his real estate journey.

Outlook For 2022 : It’s A Game Of Two Halves

Unicorn believes that in 2022, the market would probably take 1 step back first before it takes 3 steps forward – and the first “half” will be marked by lots of rain while the second will probably bring more sunshine. Inflation had turned out to be the game changer, which was what Unicorn Financial Solutions

Investing Intelligently In China And The United States

With rivalry rife between China and the US, here’s how Unicorn Financial Solutions are investing in them considering their strengths. Why China? China’s investibility relies on their growing influence and wealth redistribution. 1. Growing clout China has been expanding rapidly, especially in the last 2 decades. As it was the only major economy to have

Redbrick conversation with The Woke Salaryman

2021 is the year where the world has adapted and evolved amidst the global pandemic. Businesses in the travel and F&B industry were badly affected, across many sectors, many corporations and its employees abiding government advisory by working from home.  Individuals took advantage of this opportunity to look into how they can better manage their

How will technology reshape the real estate sector in the new normal?

If there is one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it is that technology can truly reshape the way we work, live and play. With workers and families forced to make the best out of the situation while hunkering down in their respective homes, technology has allowed for the continuation of life amidst