Alva Pan

Alva Pan

Alva’s foray into practising mortgage advisory was by a leap of faith when she left the SME financing sector with 8 years of collective experience in business lending and growth strategising. Having worked with clients who are mostly SME owners to successfully build on their companies’ internal and financial capabilities, she is also a certified Registered Management Consultant under IMC Singapore. She enjoys the fast-pace working environment but yearns to serve a wider audience and satiate her ever-curiosity in real estate financing.

“Here at Redbrick, I get to reach out and extend my knowledge and sentiments to clients from all walks of life in achieving productive cash flow management and making savvy decisions for the biggest purchase of their lifetime.”

To unwind, Alva loves going for late evening runs and spending quality time with her family and friends.

Customer Review:

JT: "We are fortunate to have found Redbrick and assisted by Alva Pan. We’re thankful to with the advice given by her. Alva go through the whole process with us and explain the factors and issues. She was patient, knowledgeable and prep us for the whole of the refinancing process. In fact this is the second time that we are being served by her. A big thanks to her and Redbrick!"

Gabriel Seah: "My wife and I are so glad we were referred to Alva as our mortgage specialist! She impressed us with her massive knowledge about interest rates trends and the banking scene, and was able to narrow down (from almost a hundred plans) and advise us towards the best 2 - 3 mortgage plans with best rates & perks for us to seriously consider. It was truly a privilege for us to work with her, because she is attentive, responsive, detail-oriented, well-connected and most importantly, one of the most friendliest person we've met. Thank you Alva!"