Clarice Chen

Clarice Chen

Prior to joining Redbrick, Clarice dedicated a large part of her career in the fund accounting industry with various banks and financial institutes. Her keen sense in numbers and financial acumen enables her to navigate through the complexities of the property market.

“For many, purchasing a property is a lifetime of commitment. Helping them to manage this commitment and getting the most out it is what I offer. At Redbrick, I take pride in putting my clients’ interest in the forefront and getting them the best possible outcome.”

Driven and passionate, Clarice wants to help people achieve their financial goals. As a bona fide workaholic and gym rat, she is either crunching numbers into the calculator or her abs in the gym.

Customer Review:

ernest kew: "Immensely pleasant experience dealing with Clarice Chen from Redbrick Mortgage. Responses were timely, explanations clear and helpful. If you're unsure of where to begin when it comes to comparing mortgage packages, or you just want to speak to someone who knows what's going on, do reach out to Clarice!"

Chen Xiangjun Chen: "Clarice Chen gives sound advices and even helped us secure a better rate. Appreciate the fact that she has access to various mortgage loan packages across banks, makes her recommendations of a few best deals in the market for us to make an informed decision. Clarice is prompt in her responses and keep exploring alternative as backup options for our best interest. Highly recommended for anyone looking for new mortgage loan and also re-financing."

joey tung: "Clarice contacted me immediately once I signed up with Redbrick for mortgage loan advice. I liked her clear explanation and she is able to advise me and my spouse on the options and what we should do She will always give an update and follow up with either whatsapp/call/email depending on client's availability. I got my housing loan settled within less than 2 weeks. Thumb up for such excellent and fuss free service. Greatly appreciate."