Gabe Chua

Gabe Chua

Gabe was in an operations role in the engineering industry for about 3 years before he transited into the finance industry. He had taken on a financial advisory role in different areas before he decided to start his journey with Redbrick.

“The ever-changing market and uniqueness of each client is the most challenging in this industry. I strive, in my best ability, to help my clients in mortgage savings and loan structuring. Nothing beats clients’ satisfaction and knowing that my advice had made a positive impact in their one of their life’s biggest decisions.”

Being a family man, Gabe dedicates his free time to his family and always make it a priority to witness his daughter’s important milestones.

Customer Review:

Coookie Mon: "Gabe contacted me after i input my details in Redbrick website for HDB loan refinance. what surprised me is that he is able to proposed a package from DBS which is not published by DBS publicly. Application and follow up with the bank is quite fast after you submitted all the required doc. i submitted on 17 Jan and 26 Jan i have signed the Letter of offer with the bank given that its during CNY period. Thumb up."