Garrick Peh

Garrick Peh

Garrick previously worked as a Program Advisor at a CET fashion school. In his career, he found meaning in helping individuals navigate their career shifts and pursue their fashion dreams by matching them with suitable courses that aligns with their goals.

“Adding value to people’s lives and finding ways to make their aspirations a reality, is something that keeps me motivated. This is something that I can contribute to Redbrick.”

Outside of work, Garrick prioritizes his well-being through gym workouts, exploring diverse cuisines, and finding solace in quiet moments with his family.

Customer Review:

RICKY CHEW: "Garrick was whom i was assigned to. A prolific, knowledgeable and professional person. Patient as he was listening to what we needed and never tried hard selling. Genuine service coupled with awesome mortgage rates! Kuddos!"

Cherie Ter: "Garrick contacted me within 5 mins of me sending my application to red brick and has been following up with the banks for us. He also helped us navigate around the different bank loan tenures and rates to get the best one for us to tide over the high interest situation in singapore! Highly responsive, regardless day or night. Thanks Garrick, very much appreciated and recommended!"

R Lok: "Garrick Peh at redbrick assisted us with our home loan refinancing. He is professional & competence in handling mortgage refinancing or new property loans. Garrick deserves his 5-star rating. Garrick did his homework by explore a few possibilities with banks and the law firm. He came back to me with full details + best scenarios with the best interest rate and given clear instructions on our case. Garrick not only fought for us a great interest rate at year 2024 (which is almost a impossible my financial situation. ) but also assisted us in a long haul process and given us instructions step-by-step until we get final approval. The services we received for our mortgage refinancing has zero charges. We are paying our mortgage 3.1% instead of 4.7%!!! Thank you Garrick for your efforts, your time and full supports. It is a life saving stage to get our refinance request approved. We will continue our service in years to come."