Sam Chong

Sam Chong

After graduating with a degree in Economics and Finance, Sam Chong embarked on his professional journey as a personal banker within a local financial institution. Specializing in comprehensive financial planning, he dedicated himself to assisting clients in realizing and attaining their financial objectives. Sam expanded his entrepreneurial endeavors to include diverse sectors, including F&B retail and the importation of frozen seafood for local distribution. His ventures showcase a bold and proactive entrepreneurial spirit, demonstrating a willingness to take on challenges and pursue innovative business opportunities.

“In my role as a mortgage advisor, I am passionate about playing a pivotal role in assisting individuals and families in realizing their dream of homeownership. The sense of accomplishment and job satisfaction I derive from this endeavor is immensely fulfilling. Establishing trust with a diverse array of clients, lenders, and other stakeholders is personally rewarding as well.”

During his leisure hours, Sam engages in recreational activities such as playing Texas Poker with friends. Additionally, he holds a notable fondness for spicy cuisine.

Customer Review:

Anthony Sik: "Sam from Redbrick has been of great assistance throughout the mortgage loan application process from planning through execution. Due to the shorting working week from CNY, which resulted in a tight planning schedule, Sam had even agreed to travel to my place at 11pm to facilitate the mortgage loan application. Great service!"

Kelly Yu: "Special thanks to 'Sam Chong'. He was really prompt in all my requests and followed up every single details I mentioned during the first meeting. I'm definitely recommending him to my friends & family."

TO: "I would like to commend Sam Chong for the prompt and clear responses throughout our engagement. His recommendation was straightforward and reassuring. Thank you for your service."