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What Does It Mean If You Are A Guarantor?

Has anyone asked you to be their loan guarantor? This decision to become a loan guarantor should be considered carefully and today, we will look into the details that you should be aware of before taking on the responsibility of being someone’s guarantor. Being a guarantor for someone means agreeing to bear the responsibility of

The Ultimate Guide to Refinancing Your Home Loan in Singapore

Increasing interest rates have begun to appear more often onto headlines of property articles and that could signal a shift towards property refinancing. The important thing to note about loans is the interest rate involved. News had been rampant over the possibility of multiple interest rate hikes this year. In order to capture these current

How You Should Use Your CPF To Pay For Your Home Loan

One of the most common mistakes is the lack of understanding on how you can maximise the usage of your CPF accounts to repay your home loans. We want to share an insight on how you can have a comfortable retirement plan while maximising your CPF savings to repay your home loan. With his expertise

Redbrick Conversations with Darren Teo, Senior Executive Group Division Director, ERA

Redbrick Mortgage Advisory is honoured to interview Mr. Darren Teo, head of SHINE Group of ERA. Darren is a Senior Executive Group Division Director whose focus on property portfolio management serves a niche market. Humble and down-to-earth, Darren has worked with clients from all walks of life, including high-profile personalities. Today, Darren shares about his

Renting Vs Buying A Home: Which Is A Smarter Choice?

The Singaporean dream is simple: own a car, have a family and own a property you can call home. Conventional wisdom in Singapore considers home ownership as one of the metrics of success. However, times have changed, and the home ownership dream is no longer what all Singaporeans strive for. Millennials (who make up the

5 Important Things to Consider when Buying a Home

Real Estate is widely regarded as the most valuable asset for a household. Due to it being a hedge against inflation, it is considered a relatively safe investment, as opposed to the more volatile Stock Market. However, it’s worth noting that a property’s value is also measured by the comfort it provides to its residents.

Redbrick Conversations with Mr. Simon Lum, Senior Group Division Director, ERA

Redbrick Mortgage Advisory is honoured to interview Mr. Simon Lum, head of SUPERIOR Group of ERA and co-founder of Dynamic Force Group (DFG). Simon is a Senior Group Division Director who is well-liked for his charming aptitude character and capability in building relationships. Simon shares about his journey on how he started and built DFG

Would A Recession Be Imminent?

The US Federal Reserve (Fed) started the ball rolling on interest rate hikes in March after inflation reared its ugly head by clocking a 7.9% rise year-on-year in February. Another 6 more interest rate hikes are to come this year, and possibly another 4 hikes next year. The war is also causing prices to climb.

2022 Property Tax Singapore Guide: How Much Do You Need To Pay?

Following the announcement of the Singapore Budget 2022, we have observed increments in wealth taxes across the board. In this article, we explore what property owners can expect to pay in property taxes, how they are calculated and how this may affect the property market in Singapore. Annual Value – The Basis of Property Tax

Clarice Chen

Clarice Chen Prior to joining Redbrick, Clarice dedicated a large part of her career in the fund accounting industry with various banks and financial institutes. Her keen sense in numbers and financial acumen enables her to navigate through the complexities of the property market. “For many, purchasing a property is a lifetime of commitment. Helping