Naomi Choo

Naomi Choo

With a passion for media and communication, Naomi worked on building up Redbrick’s marketing strategy during its early years. Naomi is a great communicator and has a keen eye for details. She takes pride in helping her clients realise their real estate aspirations and does so with a customised approach for each client.

HDB Essential Occupier – Is This The Right Manner Of Holding For Me?

Essential Occupier – a term that constantly pops up on HDB’s website when you search for grants and schemes. But, what is it? Read on to learn more about the HDB essential occupier, as well as the pros and cons of structuring your home purchase under this arrangement . Who are essential occupiers? An essential occupier refers to a family member who forms a family nucleus with the owner, and qualifies under a HDB scheme for a HDB flat purchase.

Implications of Cooling Measures on New Launches, Resale and CCR Properties

The chain of events that followed the 2007/08 financial crisis has taught us the importance of strong financial positioning which underpins the ability to firstly survive, and for those who were more informed, the importance of looking ahead to create opportunities for themselves. The devastating effects of COVID-19 in early 2020 presented a unique situation within the real estate market for investors who had the patience, holding back on property purchases during interest rate hikes while the protracted US-China trade

2 for the price of 1: Are dual-key units a bang for your buck?

Several have testified to increasing tensions between family members during the lockdown phase, with everyone trapped at home with nowhere to go apart from the supermarket nearby. If you are the lucky few with strong family ties, a dual-key unit might just be your best home option to consider next! Dual-key homes remain a relatively new housing concept to Singapore which started back in 2009 beginning with Caspian by Fraser Centrepoint Homes but have gained tremendous popularity given the various

Starting a home business? Important things you must know

Value-creating economy is the new catchphrase as Singapore moves beyond SG50 into SG100. According to Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, the engine that will propel our economy into a more innovative and entrepreneurial one will be Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). SMEs play an integral role in Singapore’s hope for homegrown, globally competitive Multinational Corporations (MNCs), which will elevate Singapore’s position in the global market. Running a curry puff empire out of a HDB flat may not exactly be what Minister Tharman

How love may get in the way of your property: Joint Tenancy or Tenancy-in-Common

Love and marriage are often one of life’s greatest milestones, a blissful day where you pledge and commit to your other half. As part of establishing a separate entity from one’s biological family, purchasing a matrimonial home to celebrate “two becoming one” is often a rite of passage. Now the real binding question beckons: “What type of property ownership should my partner and I go for?” The type of property ownership may not seem important initially; however, it may eventually