It’s not just about comparing rates.

Every loan is different and there isn’t one bank that has enough offerings to cater to each individual. Redbrick offers technical expertise across all offerings locally, as well as a collective experience of more than 100 years. That’s how we add value to our clients—by providing the type of advice that no one else can.

We help our clients:

  • Save money from their mortgages, so that they can put those savings to better use
  • Navigate through this tedious process with our expertise
  • Save time by bringing the banks to them

Every day brings new experiences and opportunities at Redbrick. If you’re looking for a fun team and a positive work culture, join us now!

Hear from our Team

Alvin Lock

Not wanting to wake up for work every morning after eleven years of employment was a terrible feeling. I’d lost all passion and drive for my job, and it was starting to show in my work and even affect my own frame of mind. Ever since I joined Redbrick, however, I’ve been filled with a renewed sense of purpose and have no problems jumping out of bed at the start of every day! It certainly helps that we’re more like a family than colleagues here.

Jo’An Tan

I joined Redbrick because I wanted to achieve time and financial freedom, but most importantly, I wanted to expand my horizons and discover new challenges. That’s why, these days, I feel more accomplished than ever—and I’ve learned the art of creating wealth through real estate. Making the move to Redbrick from the banking industry was definitely one of my best decisions ever.

Colin Lim

I left the banking industry because I wanted to give fair, unbiased advice that actually benefited consumers, instead of just working in the banks’ best interests. Coming to Redbrick has made my career a fulfilling one because, here, I’m actually empowered by an equally passionate team to genuinely help my clients to the very best of my abilities.

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