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Quen Lim was with a private Swiss bank for 5 years, assisting clients to monitor corporate events relating to their assets with the bank. Quen's strong interest in property led him to Redbrick Mortgage Advisory where he picked up valuable skills and knowledge on mortgage and finance. With his knowledge and experience, he is well-poised to assist clients during their biggest purchases in life.

Budget 2024: Rental Vouchers for Couples Awaiting HDB Flat Completion

The recent unveiling of Budget 2024 has brought forth a range of initiatives aimed at addressing key challenges faced by households and businesses. Among the various measures introduced, one key highlight is the introduction of rental vouchers tailored specifically for couples and families, which aims to provide financial relief for their interim housing while awaiting the completion of their new HDB flats. In this article, we will delve into the details of the Budget 2024 rental vouchers and understand its

What’s Next For Shopping Malls?

The onset of the COVID19 pandemic has heralded a reinvention of the shopping malls. With the lockdown enforced midway through 2020, malls were a shadow of their former self. It became a deserted space which was previously filled with a bustling crowd. As the pandemic calmed down, significant changes to the sector are expected. The challenge for owners and developers of these shopping malls will be identifying ways to keep their space relevant and aligned to the current demand trends.

8 Things to Consider When Buying a Condominium Unit in Singapore

For buyers who are planning to purchase a condominium unit, the vastness of options in the market provides a pleasant problem – choosing and buying a condominium unit that you like. From layouts, to views, level and location, today’s article will serve as a brief checklist of items to look out for on your next viewing or if you are browsing through online listings. 1. Type of unit Understanding jargons, specifically condominium jargons is fundamental to the selection process. Here

All You Need To Know About Smart HDB Town Framework

In line with the Smart Nation Initiative by enhancing our way of living through technological enhancement and the digital revolution. Therefore, in September 2014, the Housing Development Board (HDB) released the Smart HDB Town Framework to make our HDB smarter and better. You may ask what is this Smart HDB Town Framework? It is actually an initiative to provide HDB residents with a more liveable, sustainable, efficient, and safe living environment by utilizing information communication and sustainable technology. The Smart