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Sheena Lim

Sheena had 14 years of experience in the education sector and is passionate about imparting knowledge and skills to nurture and value-add to diverse needs. She is an experienced and strong communicator who is able to break down problems and customize solutions for various stakeholders. Sheena is passionate about simplifying financial concepts and helping her clients make well-informed decisions for their properties.

Affordable Home Loans: Discovering the Best Options for Your Dream Home

Did you just purchase your first HDB flat? Buying a HDB flat is not cheap, and many of us would therefore take up an affordable home loan from either the bank or HDB.  However, as many of us know, the interest rates for bank loans have recently risen. So, which should I choose between a bank loan and a HDB loan?  We would be going through the differences between bank loans and HDB loans. At the same time, we will

The Key to ABSD (Trust)

Recently, a new tax was imposed in hopes to plug loopholes that have been exploited. It was announced that ABSD (Trust) will be implemented on properties that are transferred into living trusts. But what does this truly mean, and how would it affect you as a property buyer? What is a Living Trust? A living trust is created by a person when he is alive, and this person is also known as the settlor. In contrast, a testamentary trust is