Alvin Lock

Alvin Lock
Head, Client Success

Alvin had an impressive track record in the retail and private banking space for more than eleven years, working with some of the most established local and international financial institutions in Singapore. His core expertise encompasses a full spectrum of wealth management services including investment advisory, portfolio management and financing, margin trading, legacy planning, and property loans.

When Alvin isn’t working, he loves bringing his folks out for dinner, watching movies at home, helping out at church, running along East Coast Park or snowboarding in Japan.

Customer Review:

Yew Jin Wong: "I have had a very pleasant experience with Redbrick Mortgage Advisory, and in particular my advisor, Alvin Lock. This is my 2nd time using the firm, the first in 2019 when I first took out a mortgage, and the second time in mid 2022 when I refinanced my loan. Alvin is very detailed and patient in explaining to me all aspects of the various loan packages. He was always very willing to answer all my questions and was a good sounding board as I considered the various options available to me. In my recent round of refinancing, he helped to handle all the paperwork as he was already familiar with all the details from my first loan (note you need to know the exact date to advise repayment to prevent incurring charges.) Choosing to go via a mortgage advisor is truly having the best of both worlds as the loan packages are exactly the same as if you go direct to the banks (I as the customer do not pay Redbrick) and sometimes the mortgage advisors are able to get better rates than those published by banks. Overall very satisfied with Alvin's service and will definitely look to him for future financing."

hejun wong: "Would highly recommend Alvin Lock to anyone who is looking to get a housing loan. Alvin made the entire refinancing process easy and hassle free. His replies are prompt and he is patient in explaining and clearing my doubts. The proactive and informative updates made the whole experience worry-free. Thanks a lot Alvin!"