Andy Yew

Andy Yew

Andy started his career in Bancassurance, in a foreign bank back in 2008. After 14 years of working in the finance industry, Andy has developed great ability to listen and understand his clients’ needs.

“With a keen sense of numbers, deep knowledge in wealth planning and excellent interpersonal skills, I believe that I will be able to assist homeowners to avoid expensive financial pitfalls throughout their lifetime.”

During his free time, Andy loves spending time with his family outdoors, cycling and playing sports.

Customer Review:

Melissa Hie: "Andy Yew helped me secure my mortgage loan as a first time home buyer. He explained what the current market is like and the predictions of what could be happening to the interest rates in the next year to help me decide which package to choose. Not only did he help me get the best rate at that time, he also helped me get the best term, as well as all the extra things I needed (fire insurance, law firm, etc). On top of that, he also answered my questions about the process of buying HDB which was out of his scope. Thanks Andy!"

Calvin Ong: "Andy Yew is very patient and competent at what he does. He would never put you in a position where you will fail. In his portfolio, he is meticulous and analytical. His extensive network and knowledge drove him to the position of trusted advisor for me! His follow-up is excellent, and I will certainly give him a thumbs up and recommend him to my friends."

Ky Teo: "Andy has been sharing alot of useful information aid in my decision. Surely housing loan is going up these day and any decision u made will have risk. Andy is able to provide me with the necessary information to prepare myself better."