Anna Tan

Anna Tan

After graduating with a double degree in Accountancy and Banking & Finance, Anna started her career as an external auditor in one of the Big Four audit firms. Thereafter, Anna built her career in the banking industry and has a decade of experience in this sector.

“With deep knowledge in the banking sector and a strong interest in mortgage, I believe that I can assist my clients in making right decisions on one of their biggest investments in life. Mortgage loans, when used correctly and adequately, help people to save and generate wealth.”

In her free time, Anna enjoys spending quality time with her family. She also enjoys travelling and hopes to travel to every continent someday.

Customer Review:

Joyce Yeo: "I worked with Anna Tan for my loan. She was really helpful in recommending the most suitable loan/bank for us. We dont have to liaise with individual banks separately as Redbrick has access to all of them. She was very efficient in following up with the bankers and kept track of the timeline well. Appreciate her going above and beyond in discussing the packages with us even though it was very late in the evening. Thank you Anna."

SAW MI KYAW: "Anna Tan is very helpful with fast response. She guided me well towards the success of the mortgage approval, against many difficulties. One can trust her service and competency in her job."

Karen Choong: "Anna is a very friendly person, very fast response, knowledgeable,and follow up closely and communicate with the banker and lawyer.thank you."