Bryan Goh

Bryan Goh

Prior to joining Redbrick, Bryan served as a trainer for a contact centre, specializing in government agency contracts. His role involved conducting comprehensive training programs for hundreds of agents, ensuring they met stringent standards for service excellence and knowledge.

“At Redbrick, in the complex realm of mortgage loans where tailored solutions are crucial, I find fulfillment in guiding clients to optimal financial decisions that save time, money, and reduce stress. What drives me at Redbrick is the opportunity to positively impact individuals’ lives by navigating them through the intricate path to homeownership.

Outside of work, Bryan indulges in gaming, exploring vintage stores, and cultivating a collection of shoes. These hobbies not only provide relaxation but also fuel his curiosity and creativity in both professional and personal pursuits.

Customer Review:

Sha Lee: "Bryan Goh has been very helpful in giving me professional advice on my refinance. He respected my decision and also ensures client recieve best interest rates. Keep up the good work."