Carson Cai

Carson Cai

After graduating with a degree in Banking and Finance, Carson built his career in the banking industry over a period of 6 years. He had risen through the ranks from serving retail clients to high net worth clients during his banking days. His passion in helping clients achieve their financial goals has won him numerous testimonials and awards when it comes to advising his client wealth portfolio.

With an upbeat attitude, deep knowledge in the functions of the banking industry and excellent interpersonal skills, he believes that he will be able to help clients with the right mortgage advice to turn their liabilities to assets soonest.

“I strongly believe in giving professional advice based on the needs of my clients, through active listening and acting with their best interests at heart. By putting the client’s interests first is the primary basis of how I advise them. Nothing motivates me better than a satisfied client.”

Work aside, he loves spending time with his family and friends.

Customer Review:

Rainl Workz: "My family and I were very grateful for Carson. It was really wonderful to work with him. He exhibited beyond all the positive attributes an advisor should have and always go beyond his duties to help us, to advise us whenever we need them. Carson is a godsend advisor! My family and I highly recommended him."