Darius Tan

Darius Tan

Prior to joining Redbrick, Darius served as a system trainer and mentor in the SAF for 6 years. Subsequently, he transitioned into the F&B industry, where he held managerial roles in Finance & HR for 4 years.

“There is no one-size-fits-all plan strategy in real estate financing. Creating a personalized financing strategy and ensuring that each of my clients is always well-positioned in a dynamic market is my top priority. Gaining my client’s trust and appreciation in the process brings me great satisfaction and a profound sense of fulfillment.”

Darius enjoys playing sports, hunting for delicious food and exploring the world through travel.

Customer Review:

Damien Tang: "Darius was responsive, and provided a clear and unbiased analysis of my housing loan needs. His professionalism is commendable."

William Neo: "Darius Tan was very helpful to give me 2nd opinion on my refinance. He willingly to work out the package and advices on good positioning. He did his research and willingly to share as well."

Shridhar Malur: "Darius Tan was very knowledgeable about the mortgage market and gave me good advice wrt repricing my HDB housing loan. Thank you so much."