Debby Kwa

Debby Kwa

Debby started her career as a dynamic sales professional and was approached to join the hospitality industry on a key senior management role. A dedicated worker with strong business acumen, she spearheaded and grew the company to success for more than a decade.

With her past experience in leading various pivotal projects, she has developed a sharp awareness to providing a needs-based analytical approach for her clients from all walks of life.

A believer in the importance of life-long learning, she strives in constantly researching and staying up-to-date with the latest financial and market knowledge, thereby enabling her to empower her clients with quality advice, being a trusted advisor.

“I find it highly satisfying and fulfilling forging quality relationships with my clients and assisting them on a smoother home buying journey, especially when their decisions could impact key issues in the future”

Debby revels in travelling, which gives her opportunities to widen her knowledge and exposure to different cultures, and in the meanwhile, rejuvenating her inner soul.