Ethan Goh

Ethan Goh

Ethan worked in the F&B industry and was a financial consultant before joining Redbrick Mortgage Advisory.

“I look forward to helping my clients, imparting knowledge and assisting them in property financing. There is no joy greater than seeing the positive impact that I have created for my clients and them spreading the knowledge they’ve learnt onto others.”

Outside of work, Ethan enjoys working out, watching and practicing MMA. He revels in the satisfaction of persevering physical workout and gaining mental growth.

Customer Review:

BB BH: "ETHAN GOH of Redbrick Mortgage Advisory is highly recommended for all your housing loan needs ! - Responsive to queries ! - Knowledgeable ! - Pro- active !"

Wilson Goh: "Saw Redbrick ads online and decided to clicked on it as I was looking for a mortgage broker who can sieve out the best deals from the different banks. I was assigned Ethan to handle my enquiry and he understood my needs perfectly. He is knowledgeable and has lots of experiences and is well connected to the different bankers. He pre-empt hurdles and proposed solutions that works. I managed to refinance my home loan successfully, enjoying significant savings and even did a mortgage equity withdrawal. I highly recommend Ethan to those keen on doing either or both. Get connected to him and even if you did not decide on a deal with him, keep him in your contacts as he will regularly update you on the interest rate promotion from the different banks and news on the movement of the interest rate. It is definitely a wise move as your home loan lock-in expires every year or two, and knowing what is available and feasible out there can be a great bargaining chips when negotiating with your existing banks. And if they are not willing to match or exceed, walk away to Ethan. The process is not as complicated as you think."

Danial Sufyan: "I had the absolute pleasure of having Ethan as my Redbrick Mortgage Advisor. During my journey of searching for a home, Ethan was nothing short of amazing, guiding me through the entire process. The process of buying a home is extremely stressful but Redbrick made the process so much smoother. Ethan provided me with multiple loan providers along with ensuring that I obtain the best rates available. Knowing that I was in safe hands made the journey much less stressful that it would have been. To anyone that is trying to source for mortgages, please engage in Redbrick and if you were as lucky as my family has been in having Ethan as your Mortgage Advisor, know that you’re with an expert. Thank you, Redbrick!"