Ethan Goh

Ethan Goh

Ethan worked in the F&B industry and was a financial consultant before joining Redbrick Mortgage Advisory.

“I look forward to helping my clients, imparting knowledge and assisting them in property financing. There is no joy greater than seeing the positive impact that I have created for my clients and them spreading the knowledge they’ve learnt onto others.”

Outside of work, Ethan enjoys working out, watching and practicing MMA. He revels in the satisfaction of persevering physical workout and gaining mental growth.

Customer Review:

CSTAN: "Great & timely service by Ethan Goh who took the initiative to provide refinancing options to us before our lock in period!"

Andrew Yang: "Ethan was very Professional and quick to respond to my Refinancing Queries. I received a call from him within minutes and had already a clear understanding of where i stand and what needs to be done after the initial call. Following that, Ethan continued to follow up on my case and everything was said and done almost within a few days. The instructions, explanations and follow through was excellent and It never occurred to me Refinancing can be so straightforward and easy. Highly Recommend that you let Redbrick do the work for you and save yourself the big hassle of figuring this out by yourself!"

Veronica Ong: "Ethan Goh is very prompt in his response. He is also very professional in explaining the different packages and provide great advice."