Fanne C. Ong

Fanne C. Ong

Functioning as a senior project director and show producer, Fanne worked closely with renowned international personalities. Fanne was also engaged in curating events and fashion shows for esteemed high-fashion luxury brands.

With a professional journey spanning over 20 years, Fanne possesses the ability to adeptly handle adverse situations, underpinned by impeccable organizational and communication skills.

“My motivation stems from assisting numerous clients in realizing their dream homes, offering them mortgage advice based on my expertise in property financing.”

Fanne finds joy in traveling, a pursuit that expands her horizons and cultivates a deeper appreciation for her home. As a person who values family bonds, she dedicates her leisure time to her loved ones and enjoys spending time with her dog.

Customer Review:

Agnes Chan: "Fanne was being introduced to me by my dear neighbour. She is meticulous with her presentation despite me asking numerous questions as I'm a first time home owner trying to do a refinancing of my property. Though i didn't sign the deal with her this time, but with her professionalism, i would recommend anyone to go to her if u need any refinancing services."

Don Nero: "I would like to commend Fanne as she is very helpful and acommodating. She go the extra mile is helping me with my concerns. Hope to be in business with her anytime soon.. Great Job!!!"