Francis Chua

Francis Chua

Francis worked as a Business Development Director in a couple of SME education organizations after graduating in Education. In his 15 years there, he dealt with investors, business owners and parents. After which, he moved over to Business Banking for 1 year where he served SME owners via commercial/ industrial property purchases, term loans for business expansions and built lasting relationships with clients along the way.

“Purchasing a property is a pivotal point in life; up to a third of our life would be used to service our mortgage loan. Being able to help customers to take charge of their property by making an informed decision has always been my priority and the biggest satisfaction that I could ask for is when customers realise that they can do more with their mortgages.”

Besides engaging in long-distance motorcycle riding, Francis enjoys sports and upgrading of his skillsets. He prays during his quiet times.

Customer Review:

Corelle Tan: "Was assigned advisor, Francis Chua, who was very prompt in replying and offered a range of options customised to my needs. Had an easy refinancing experience through Redbrick."

john tham: "Hi I would like to sincerely give thanks to Mr Francis Chua for assistance rendered to refinance my property. I had with with MB for the past 6 years or more. Due to work, I overlooked the monthly repayment as it was scheduled for auto deduction via CPF. To make the matter worst, I did not observe the change in the interest rate as well. The result lead to an almost 6%pa. He patiently how the numbers are being calculated and what I could do to keep my interest lower. With the low loan quantum as balance, Francis had tried to ask various banks to assist to refinance it. I also intended to add my wife's name to the HDB property. In order to do all that was required, there will be a hefty amount to be paid for legal fee, valuation fee and stamp duty. Francis was kind enough not to push through the deal with me and explained that these hefty fees should be part of my savings and not to spend on this area. Instead, he suggested alternative method for me to reduce my interest rate and also appoint my wife as the owner of the property. He had also accompanied me to MB to get the administrative slotted out as well. I am thankful that in the process of my refinancing hunt, I was not oversold, was helped and found a friend."

Don Suryawijaya: "Francis Chua did an amazing job.. Sharing the different option for me consider when refinancing my home.. Keep up the good work"