Glenn Teo

Glenn Teo

After graduating with a degree in Business and Management Studies (Honours), Glenn built his career in the banking industry for 12 years, working for UOB, DBS & Maybank. His passion in helping clients achieve their financial goals has won him numerous testimonials and accolades when it comes to advising wealth related matters.

With an upbeat attitude, deep knowledge in the functions of the banking industry and excellent interpersonal skills, he believes that he will be able to aid clients with the right mortgage advice to turn their liabilities to assets soonest.

“Every client has different needs. By listening and attending to them with a big heart, it will not only build a long term relationship and trust in me, it will also bring about a chain reaction whereby clients will want their relatives, colleagues and friends to be advised by me which gives me the greatest satisfaction.”

During his free time, Glenn loves bringing his family out to the beach for picnics, reading, and hunting for great eats.

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Customer Review:

Ashlynn Sum: "Been working with Glenn Teo for the past 3 years and he has been super helpful in advising me on my mortgage as well as the refinancing of my home loan. He is super patient and always goes above and beyond to explain and advise. I’m super thankful for his service."