Gugenia Tan

Gugenia Tan

Prior to joining Redbrick as a mortgage advisor, Gugenia was a project manager in a creative agency that catered to Singapore’s vibrant F&B industry.

“I value the sense of purpose that comes with helping people achieve their dreams of homeownership. Being a part of such a significant milestone in people’s lives is incredibly rewarding.”

Outside of work you’ll find me wandering on leisurely walks and getting lost in books where every turn opens up new adventures.

Customer Review:

Kavitha Kavitha: "Hi redbrick mortgage advisor of gugenia . She was very thankful,well advisor, patiently explain each steps of loan process& onces again thankful too Gugenia By Kavitha adaikkappan"

Adai Sath: "Well advice &follow up every Very thankful GIGENIA"

Leopard Lim: "I engaged Redbrick for advices on mortgage refinancing; Gugenia was very prompt and professional in coming up with a few alternative plans that work to my best interest. I recommend her service to people who are looking into mortgage matters."