Hagen Soh

Hagen Soh

With nearly 20 years of experience in the financial and e-commerce sectors, Hagen has spearheaded numerous initiatives. His people-oriented nature equips him with the ability to establish and nurture positive relationships with his clients and business partners.

“I am motivated by the desire to help others. Leveraging my expertise in mortgage products, regulations, and industry trends, I am dedicated to find creative & practical solutions to help my clients overcome obstacles or challenges during the mortgage application process.”

Besides finding great joy in spending quality time with his family, Hagen has a keen interest in current events and adopts a proactive approach to expand his knowledge.

Customer Review:

MJ Yeong: "I reached out to Redbrick while searching around for my HDB refinancing and he was the first that got back to me within an hour. Extremely polite and honest with his take on my HDB loan. He offered a few packages which were attractive and guided me on the next steps. Although I did not eventually go with him due to my current provider giving a better offer, I still feel that he deserves a compliment from me for his frankness, honesty, sincerity, and service. I will recommend him to anyone looking for a loan or a refinancing. All the best Hagen and I hope to work with you in the future."