Ian Khoo

Ian Khoo

Ian originally began his career in engineering. Shortly after, he progressed to banking, his key focus on credit cards and personal loans. Due to his growing interest in the financial industry, he moved on to learning about wealth products, where he learnt how to use financial tools to generate more savings and wealth for customers.

“Real estate helps people to generate wealth, and my greatest satisfaction is to help people from all walks of life accumulate wealth and manage their property portfolios to enjoy more savings. I strive to give my clients a piece of mind whenever it comes to purchasing and financing their properties.”

During his free time, he likes to play badminton and right now he is picking up squash as well.

Customer Review:

Sally Tan: "Our consultant Mr Ian Khoo has been most helpful for the past decade. He’s very knowledgeable and instrumental in securing the best home loans for us. Not only is he trustworthy, he provides excellent service too. We highly recommend Ian to anyone who needs such financial services."