Iris Mou

Iris Mou

Iris was with Singapore Airlines for more than a decade. During this time, she cultivated a robust passion for serving others and relished engaging with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

“Redbrick propels me towards new horizons, even after my flying days are behind me. The focus on strength through integrity and a shared commitment to mutual growth resonates with me. I relish the chances to truly make a difference for my clients and those around me. Ultimately, the satisfaction of happy, returning clients fuels my drive.”

Iris enjoys decorating her home for occasions like CNY, Christmas, and her children’s birthday parties. She finds delight in exploring travel destinations and culinary adventures, crafting cherished moments with her family. Furthermore, she takes pleasure in family gatherings and preparing meals as a gracious host. She also believes in living the good life with love, joy, peace and laughter.

Customer Review:

WJ M: "I have met Iris Mou through a casual setting and we arranged a meet up session after she knows that I need some assistance in my mortgage repricing. Iris has a deep knowledge of various mortgage products and always stay up to date with the latest related information in order to give first hand advice. She also had good interpersonal skills and have provided me with an in-depth explanation from ground zero. She also had ability to analyze my current situation and come up with a proper solution. Also, she is very patient in answering and listening to my issues."

Xavier Tan: "Iris Mou provided prompt and excellent end to end service, for my mortgage refinancing. This allowed me to proceed with absolute peace of mind!"