Jaron Qian

Jaron Qian

With a career spanning over ten years in the automobile sales industry, Jaron actively undertook roles in both sales and management. He structures conversations to uncover clients’ genuine needs, presenting appropriate products and services in contrast to conventional sales approaches. He emphasizes on constructing meaningful client journeys and fostering enduring, long-term relationships.

“I integrate client empathy into every aspect of my work. This involves viewing situations from the client’s standpoint. As a Redbrick Mortgage Advisor, I recognize the importance of comprehending the client’s journey. It extends beyond mere numerical figures, focusing on genuinely advocating for the client’s welfare.”

Jaron enjoys quality family moments and preparing hearty meals for his loved ones. Since childhood, his passion for angling has driven him to relish offshore fishing, seeking out the finest catches from the sea.

Customer Review:

Ning Righthere: "Been advised and assisted by Mr. Jaron Qian who is a very professional mortgage adviser, he helped me to compare the rates in the market and choose the best one for me. He’s also very responsive in reply, really appreciate that! Highly recommended!"

eunice faith: "Super thankful I was connected with Jaron Qian who has been super helpful, prompt in his replies and efficient in his work. He ensured that we got the best deal even if it means he has nothing to benefit. Although we have repriced this time round, we trust his unbiased advice and will definitely be looking for Jaron the next time I'm due for refinancing/repricing."

Jerry Yeap: "I was assisted by Jaron from Redbrick and I really appreciate his help in going the extra mile in clearing our doubts."