Javier Teo

Javier Teo

After graduating from NTU with a Business Degree, Javier embarked on his career as a marketing manager for a tech education company. His journey continued at Lumens Group, where he played a pivotal role in establishing a new business unit, overseeing crucial aspects of branding and product development.

“As a firm advocate for making money work for my clients, I’m driven to help them maximize their financial potential. At Redbrick, I find immense purpose and satisfaction as my clients genuinely value the advice I offer them.”

In his leisure time, Javier dabbles in the stock market, drawing inspiration from value investors Warren Buffett and the late Charlie Munger. Outside of finance, he’s an avid badminton player and an enthusiastic follower of Formula 1 races!

Customer Review:

Teresa Chang: "Javier Teo was very helpful and proactive throughout the process. Would recommend him and Redbrick for their mortgage advisory services!"

Li Koon -: "Wanted to thank Javier for taking up my query request promptly despite it being a weekend. He is very professional in following up very closely with my application and providing professional advice during this period of time. He has made my refinancing process a very informative, assuring and pleasant one. Looking forward to receiving his assistance in this service again in the near future."

Zhuang Yu Chua: "Javier was patient and knowledgable in explaining the necessary structure and features of a loan. He constantly updated me with the latest pricing which was really beneficial. Highly recommended!"