Jennelle Lee

Jennelle Lee

With the experience she garnered from doing sales and marketing with a local property developer, Jennelle was intrigued by the industry and wanted to understand more on how the financial segment worked and hence decided to take a leap of faith to embark on her journey with Redbrick.

Prior to that, Jennelle was with Singapore Airlines for more than a decade; working in the hospitality industry has enriched her with the skills to deliver excellent customer service and be meticulous to details for all her customers. Because of her dedication and passion for service, she was awarded the Best Soaring Act-Service award for her outstanding achievement from Singapore Airlines.

“The true sense of fulfilment and happiness for me is when I am able to assist customers with their mortgage loans, and help them to get out of the sticky situations they encounter to maximise on their cash flow.”

During her free time, she likes to go running and reading as well as catching up with friends for coffee.

Customer Review:

Lih Kin Khor: "We were looking for advice on decoupling as we were looking to purchase a 2nd property. We chanced upon Redbrick mortgage and was contacted by Jennelle Lee. Jennelle was very very helpful, knowledgeable and patiently explained the entire process to us. She was with us all the way. Very grateful and thankful for her advice and services. We highly recommend Jennelle and Redbrick mortgage."

Tony Wang: "Thanks so much for the help from Jennelle Lee, so that I can understand how this whole property purchase thing works in Singapore which I knew almost nothing. And she helped to get the best interest rate for me, after rounds of contacts and evaluation from different banks. Appreciations to her prompt and professional responses and patience!"

Mohammed Zainuddin: "Excellent service By Jenelle Lee. She took over from the previous advisor and the transition was very seamless. I have always used Redbrick Mortgage to finance my properties and they have never failed me, always getting me the best rates and saving me substantial interest and monthly payments. Thanks Jenelle !!"