Jeremy Gan

Jeremy Gan

Jeremy began his career in an Engineering Consulting firm. His passion to serve his clients with longevity spurred his interest to join Redbrick. He is well versed in planning and has a keen eye for detail. He derives joy from developing the best proposal tailored for his client’s needs.

Helping clients save monies and aiding in their overall real estate journey drives him forward. Being a good listener, he maintains a good rapport and is well-liked by his clients.

“I like the challenge from the ever-changing market and knowing that every client is different; no client is the same. Knowing that I can extend my knowledge to my client and helping them with their milestone purchase make me gain great satisfaction in my everyday life.”

Outside of work, Jeremy spends his free time with his family and friends as a way to recharge his strength. Jeremy enjoys reading as it helps him build his vocabulary and his semantic comprehension, enabling greater communication skills.

Customer Review:

Maxmillan Louie Francis: "Fantastic service, I am recommending Jeremy service to everyone indeed 5star service"

Sally: "Grateful to have gotten Jeremy Gan as our mortgage advisor. I chanced upon Redbricks through google search when wanting to find out how to refinance our loan. We initially didn’t know much but we are so glad that Jeremy has made it so easy for us to refinance and his advice has been really beneficial. With his help, we managed to get a bank loan at a good interest rate. His replies have been very prompt too. Thank you so much Jeremy!"

Derrick Tan: "I wish to start off by stating that complaint letters are what people will spend time to write in to firstly. Conversely, I am taking time and effort to personally write in to compliment and congratulate your valued company and the awesome customer service that I encountered with Mr Jeremy Gan from Rebrick Mortage Advisory. I reached out to your company and was assisted by staff, Jeremy on a search for a new mortgage financing, Jeremy response was immediate and extremely experienced with advice via phone call and text messages and emails. Mr jeremy guided me through the all the various different banks and their packages and advised me soundly and financially as well as going the extra mile to assist me with pure professionalism and ease. He even told me it is his duty and job for his company even when I wanted to compliment him. He is a man of humble and dedication for your valued company. I hope the your company will duly recognition and best encouragement with praise due to his dedication and commitment for his customers. With deepest regrets and sincerely our brokerage due to certain bank criteria and ultimately another source offered me fastest approval and desired package for my new loan quantum. I was time constrained and Hereby I apologise to Jeremy because I have to secure my financial priorities first and Jeremy was supportive of my actions. I hereby acknowledge the professionalism and attitude and customer service with dedication from Jeremy and my next deal will definitely go towards Jeremy. Will also refer friends and relatives to Jeremy and your valued company. MY next new property purchase deal with be exclusive for you Jeremy. Well done Jeremy and thank you so much. You fully deserved to be praised by client and also your management recognition. Btw, this is an unsolicited compliment letter because Jeremy is a great person . I have never encountered any officers in my life time and am so grateful for Jeremy’s advice and responsibility to his duties. He promptly replied my queries and emails despite the very difficult position we encountered through a rigorous lengthy process. Jeremy Gan is definitely a great asset to your company and although It may seem like an easy and small issue but it matters a lot for my family and I in such desperate times. With this, I wish the GM and senior management can really take note of such a great responsible and dedicated staff, Jeremy Gan and fully giver him the due credit and more encouragement. I wished that his work ethics and commitments to both Redbrick and customers be duly recognised in appreciation. Please feel free to contact me should you have any further clarification or queries and I will be pleased to elaborate further. From : Derrick Tan Tel: 94354612"