Jeremy Gan

Jeremy Gan

Jeremy began his career in an Engineering Consulting firm. His passion to serve his clients with longevity spurred his interest to join Redbrick. He is well versed in planning and has a keen eye for detail. He derives joy from developing the best proposal tailored for his client’s needs.

Helping clients save monies and aiding in their overall real estate journey drives him forward. Being a good listener, he maintains a good rapport and is well-liked by his clients.

“I like the challenge from the ever-changing market and knowing that every client is different; no client is the same. Knowing that I can extend my knowledge to my client and helping them with their milestone purchase make me gain great satisfaction in my everyday life.”

Outside of work, Jeremy spends his free time with his family and friends as a way to recharge his strength. Jeremy enjoys reading as it helps him build his vocabulary and his semantic comprehension, enabling greater communication skills.

Customer Review:

Jiawei Clarice: "Thankful to have met Jeremy Gan, he is very responsive, resourceful and most importantly, very passionate about mortgage."

Andy Y: "Redbrick helped to refinance my property saving me over $380 per month and it was a huge relief for my wallet. Kudos to Jeremy Gan!! I would engage his services again when my lock in period is over."