Jesse Ho

Jesse Ho

Jesse graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with a Degree in Business Management. Since then, Jesse has worked for various MNCs and start-ups, taking on keys positions that allowed her to interact closely with key stakeholders to develop strategies that would propel the business forward. Through her experiences, she has developed a keen sense of intuitiveness and the ability to analyse situations and break them down into bite sized pieces for easy comprehension.

“Through asking the right questions and listening with the intention of understanding the situation instead of the intention of responding, I have been able to find win-win solutions for all stakeholders which brings me a great deal of satisfaction.”

During her internship days in University, she was once hired into an MNC for her outstanding athletic abilities, particularly in the areas of Swimming and Track and Field. These days, Jesse enjoys Yoga and is always on the lookout for the best dishes to savour.

Customer Review:

Ben Poh: "My mortgage advisor, Jesse Ho has been really helpful throughout the entire home loan process. She provided advices that are tailored to our loan needs and had been really prompt in all communication. I would highly recommend to engage her for your future home loan needs."