Jo-Anna Ong

Jo-Anna Ong

Jo-Anna was working in public service for many years before starting her own business working with children. Through her experiences in these industries, she has developed excellent interpersonal skills and a propensity to listen and understand people’s needs. It is her goal to help clients at Redbrick maximise the value of their property and provide customised solutions for them.

“Mortgage packages can be confusing and being a homeowner myself, I have learnt things the hard way. Thus, I am driven by a passion to help people achieve their objectives and obtain the best solution based on their needs and requirements.”

I am passionate about children and animals and my motto in life is “Try everything once!” Life is short, so be happy and live life to the fullest! 

Customer Review:

Sky Gor: "Very smooth and satisfying refinance process. My advisor Jo-Anna Ong really helped me to find the best lowest interest and rebate loan package for me. Love her service and professionalism, thanks!!"

Mark Singh: "You can imagine the frantic search for new mortgage rates when the interest rates hit. I took some time to search and was recommended to try Redbrick. I saw their ads a couple of time on Facebook but it was only when a friend told me to contact Jo-Anna Ong from Redbrick that I took action. Our first conversation immediately put me at ease as Jo-Anna took time to understand my needs and then recommended packages that would suit me. I felt that she was knowledgeable and more importantly, had the human element of wanting to genuinely help me and show patience. In fact, she was with me every step of the way and also advising and pre-empting me. It was a smooth and easy experience and I am very happy with my shift to another bank based on her recommendation. I think the icing on the cake is that even though the completion is done, she told me that she would monitor the lock in period and let me know when it's time to refinance/reprice again. I highly recommend that you speak to Jo-Anna if you are looking to re-finance!"

Derek Wong: "I have refinanced my mortgage with Ms Jo-Anna Ong twice and I found her to be a trustable, knowledgeable mortgage advisor. She understands her clients needs as well as how the market is trending. She has also simplify a relatively document-heavy process by providing very clear instructions. Highly recommended!"