Johnson Lo

Johnson Lo

Johnson Lo was a Senior Wealth Planning Manager at DBS. Within a short span of 3 years, he had achieved numerous awards including the Financial Planner Award and attained the professional accreditation of an Associate Financial Planner (AFP). He believes in upgrading himself to know everything in depth so he can understand and help customers in every way possible.

“Interpersonal skills such as building rapport and listening to clients share more of their situation enables to advise them based on your needs. Ensuring my clients identify their requirements and goals first before making a well-informed decision on their next home.”

In his free time, Johnson enjoys his me-time indulging in K-Drama and spending his weekend hunting for good food.

Customer Review:

Keith Tan: "Johnson Lo aka Mortgage Maverick has been superb in assisting us with my property loan arrangement from planning, purchase to completion. My wife and I are grateful for his guidance where he went beyond his duty to help us. Late night texting, phone calls, he has always conduct himself professionally. He is meticulous as well and we felt we are in safe hands with him. I would strongly recommend Johnson to anyone looking for a mortgage broker. Satisfaction is guaranteed."

Afrose Sultana: "I received timely expert and timely advice from Mr Johnson. He is knowledgeable and is ever forthcoming in providing guidance. Thank you Mr Johnson"