Kayce Tham

Kayce Tham

With over four years of experience, Kayce began his professional journey as a legal executive at a reputable conveyancing law firm. During his tenure, he successfully transitioned to a business development role, where he honed his skills in identifying and securing new business opportunities.

Working here in Redbrick allows me to build a long-term relationship with my clients as their advisor. Listening to their needs, sharing my knowledge and providing the best possible advice is what I truly love about this.

During his leisure time, Kayce enjoys spending time with his family and watching dramas.

Customer Review:

marianne YOung: "Kayce Tham was my mortgage advisor for my recent home loan. He was highly recommended to me by my colleague. I would strongly echo their sentiments as Kayce was extremely proactive and engaged during the refinancing process. He was patent in explaining the portions and gave his expert advice on what’s most beneficial to me. He was patient in following up and guiding me on the requirements. I had a second loan that had some complications which I mentioned briefly to Kayce in the passing. He remembered and presented me with options, much to my surprise. Thanks KAYCE! Your advice and attention to details have been deeply appreciated, and I would definitely recommend you to my friends and family ."

John Tan: "My old home loan was direct with the bank, but I realised the banks don’t propose refinance rates once the lock-in period is fulfilled. Hence I had to source around on my own frantically and I recall Redbrick as a good recommendation from friends. I engaged them and was assigned to Kayce Tham. He is extremely professional with his advices and prompt to address our queries. I would recommend engaging Redbrick because I now have good confidence that my home refinancing needs will be well handled. Not only this time, but in future as well. Hope this feedback helps the next home owner looking for a long term refinancing solution. Redbrick is on top of my list for sure."

Denise: "I got in touch with Kayce Tham after submitting an enquiry via the Redbrick website. Kayce was a great help - he proactively and regularly shared market updates and information on the prevailing interest rates, along with the best deals we could get. He also shared tips on the entire purchase process and timelines, ensuring that we were well-informed at every step of our home-buying journey. Thank you Kayce!"