Kirk Zhang

Kirk Zhang

After graduating with a degree in Business Marketing, Kirk has been working in the shipping industry handing sales & marketing for 3 years. He has always exceeded his clients’ business interest and provided the most competitive rates in the market, while maintaining a healthy profit margin and ensuring their shipping containers/tanks have a smooth sailing journey.

“Buying a house is a big commitment and loan structuring should not be done in haste. It could also be a tedious and taunting process to many. I can advise my clients to make well-informed decisions and make home financing a breeze for them.”

During his free time, Kirk will be at the gym or planning new hiking adventures.

Customer Review:

NY NY: "I felt I was in safe and knowledgeable hands when working with Kirk Zhang on my mortgage refinancing matters. He is responsive, articulate and meticulous. And interactions with him to sort matters gave me peace of mind and reliability, meeting my usually high expectations. I highly recommend all reading this to allow Kirk to work with you. Zero airs about him and truly wish there’s more like Kirk around!"

anthony: "Greatly appreciated, Kirk, for the responsive and detailed walkthrough of the mortgage service. By breaking it into simple analogies to aid my understanding, I was able to fully comprehend it, especially for someone not in this industry. I will definitely recommend you to others!"

L L: "Journey to mortgage always unique. This is my second time engaging Kirk and I appreciate the experience and advice you have shared to fit my financial landscape."