Lionel Sim

Lionel Sim

Lionel spent many years as a financial advisor where he enjoyed understanding people’s financial needs and helping them out. He has always had a big passion for finance, investments and has even been continuing further education in finance in recent years.

“A property is most likely the biggest purchase someone will ever have so I would love to help them by doing my best to provide advice for their purchase and mortgage needs.”

Believing in a balanced lifestyle, Lionel likes to play basketball and enjoys some quiet time for reading.

Customer Review:

chernling sim: "I would like to commend Lionel Sim, my mortgage advisor, for his professional advice and exceptional client service. He has been able to provide accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive info for my decision-making. He has been very helpful in facilitating the necessary administration required involving the bankers and law firm as well. I greatly appreciate that he has gone the extra mile in the nitty-gritty details too. A highly recommended professional to work with. Thanks very much, Lionel."

Joon Ming Tiew: "With Mr. Lionel Sim, I've had positive experience. He provide professional advice to us and he is quick to respond and very patient."

Sally Pocket: "We had a great experience with Lionel from Redbrick, answered all our question and doubt calmly and clear. Thanks!!!"