Naomi Choo

Naomi Choo

Naomi Choo

With a passion for media and communication, Naomi worked on building up Redbrick’s marketing strategy during its early years. She was also a key stakeholder towards the inception of Redbrick Homes, a subsidiary under the Redbrick Group for home renovation and refurbishment services.

Naomi is a great communicator and has a keen eye for details. She takes pride in helping her clients realise their real estate aspirations and does so with a customised approach for each client.

“There is never a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to your real estate portfolio. I believe in forging meaningful relationships with my clients, guiding them along the way and empowering them with the knowledge to make the best decisions for themselves.”

When she’s not at work, Naomi gets her adrenaline rush from a heart-pumping HIIT workout or spending time with her loved ones over a good meal.

2021-09 Most Valuable Partner

Customer Review:

Tich: "Naomi has been most helpful in the refinancing of our home loan. Very sincere, patient and willing to explain things in detail. Also provided the pros and cons for the various options we were considering and had it all nicely typed up to show the differences which helped in the decision-making process. Naomi was good at following up and letting me know what to do each step of the way. Sincerely appreciated her guidance and advice. Thumbs up and highly recommend"

Justin Ang: "Professional, sincere, patient and efficient. Had a great experience working with Naomi. My wife and I admired her patience and diligence when she helped us to explain all the complicated documentations and procedures. Felt very comfortable and at ease. Very grateful to have known and engaged her services."

Chyi Huei Ng: "Naomi has been professional, friendly and responsive. She is also familiar with the whole process and able to let client understand what the steps coming."