Nigel Chua

Nigel Chua

Nigel has been in the Financial Advisory industry since 2016 advising clients on their investment and financial planning matters. He believes in building long lasting relationships with clients through providing competent quality services.

“I can assist clients to customize their home financing needs and knowing that my advice had made a positive impact in their property journey gives me a huge sense of satisfaction!”

Outside of work, Nigel enjoys spending quality time with his family and binging on Netflix.

Customer Review:

Nazir Mohd: "Extremely grateful for my advisor, Nigel Chua, on navigating me on my refinancing options. He explained to me it would be detrimental to refinance with a different bank, even though it meant I won't be able to refinance with him. He even read through my offer letter with my existing bank, and highlighted key items to note. I definitely appreciate his help and more importantly, honesty and transparency. I will definitely look for him for my next property loan requirements."