Quen Lim

Quen Lim

Quen Lim was with a private Swiss bank for 5 years, assisting clients to monitor corporate events relating to their assets with the bank. He was heavily involved with the system migration of the bank’s core banking system as well as the Robotic Process Automations project to streamline the workflows.

“The interest I had in property led me to Redbrick where I picked up valuable skills and knowledge on mortgage and finance. In return, I am glad to be given the opportunity to share and assist clients during their biggest purchases in life.”

Quen enjoys music and is picking up several musical instruments. He also enjoys tinkering with home-DIYs and photography during his free time.

Customer Review:

Yunika Sugianto: "I had a fantastic experience working with Quen Lim. His service was exceptional in several ways. Quen without fail always provides invaluable advice throughout the home purchase process. His prompt responses and insightful guidance made navigating the complexities of valuations and mortgage decisions much smoother. He was not just an agent but a reliable companion on my home-buying journey. His unwavering support and assistance were instrumental in ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. The attention to detail in the valuations was also impressive. Quen demonstrated a deep understanding of the market, ensuring I received accurate and fair assessments. Trust is crucial in such significant transactions, and Quen earned mine. His reliability and commitment to my best interests were evident at every step. I highly recommend Quen for anyone in need of a trustworthy and knowledgeable professional in the mortgage industry. His dedication to client satisfaction and expertise make him an excellent choice."