Kirk Zhang

Kirk Zhang

After graduating with a degree in Business Marketing, Kirk had worked in the shipping industry handing sales & marketing for 3 years. He has always exceeded his clients’ business interest and provided the most competitive rates in the market, while maintaining a healthy profit margin and ensuring their shipping containers/tanks have a smooth sailing journey. Kirk enables his clients to make well-informed decisions and make home financing a breeze for them.

All you need to know about Buying A Commercial Property in Singapore

Are you someone that has always had the urge to invest in commercial property, but has been held back by uncertainty? If that is you, don’t worry!  Here, you can find the A to Zs of buying a commercial property in Singapore. Commercial Property… What is it? There are 3 types of commercial properties in Singapore – Retail, Industrial and Hotel. Retail property includes shops, shophouses and malls. Industrial refers to workspaces such as B1 (Offices, warehouses) and B2 (factories).

August BTOs To Keep an Eye Out For

After a gruelling year and a half for those waiting for their delayed Build-To Order (BTO), the launches for new BTO launches have picked up speed once again. August 2021 BTO projects offers 3 mature estates in the list – a rare find in Singapore, especially in longstanding mature estates like Queenstown. If you are looking for a BTO to settle down with your partner and clueless about the new launches, here’s a quick guide of the upcoming BTOs. Queenstown