Ronny Kou

Ronny Kou

Ronny has extensive experience in the service industry having worked in many customer focused roles for years and later had ventured into entrepreneurship by starting his own businesses. His involvement in the various fields has equipped him with the knowledge and experiences that will benefit his clients as a mortgage advisor.

A Complete Guide To The Different Types Of Landed Properties In Singapore

Landed property – a scarce yet valuable resource. Many of us desire to live in and own a landed property in our lifetime. However, Singapore’s scarce land makes landed properties not only limited but also extremely expensive. Furthermore, as we all know, land prices have been increasing at an exorbitant pace. Why is it that so many of us still want to live in landed property? And if given the chance, what should I look out for before purchasing one?

Making Sense of Credit Cards

In a previous article about loans, we touched on the different types of loans that are available to consumers, one of which included a personal line of credit and credit cards. In this article, we will dive deeper into the world of credit cards – the benefits that it could have to you, some key features and what key factors to look out for when using a credit card. What Does A Credit Card Offer? A credit card is simply