Tampines VS Punggol, Battle of the September 2019 BTO Launch

With the shift of the August BTO launch to September 2019, the government announced a series of changes, including the introduction of the Enhanced CPF Housing Grant (EHG), which replaces the Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG) and Special CPF Housing Grant (SHG), and higher income ceilings across HDBs and Executive condominiums. This change took place with effect from 11 September 2019.

HDB has also released its sales launch for September 2019 – Punggol and Tampines. If you are planning to submit an application but can’t quite decide between the 2 at the moment, here is an analysis to give you a better idea of both the pros and cons of each project.

Projects launch

Tampines BTO Punggol BTO
649 units of 2-room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room and 5-room flats 2,724 units of 2-room Flexi, 3-room, 4-room and 5-room flats

Tampines VS Punggol

Tampines BTO


  • Higher selling price

Since it is being considered as a matured estate, it is natural for it to have a higher selling price due to the amenities already available in the vicinity. As such it will bring about lots of convenience to the residents living there, hence people are willing to pay a premium for such properties to enjoy the amenities available.

  • Covetable location

The area is being surrounded by the oversize trio of IKEA Tampines, Giant Hypermart and Courts Megastore due to its strategic location between the Tampines Retail Park. With the Tampines North MRT opening in 2030, the location will be even more accessible though some may say that it is still a long time to go before having accessible public transport. The government has also announced that a primary school will be built in the area that will cater to the influx of new residents living in the area, especially young couples. For frequent travellers or those working in the aviation industry, it is also the ideal location for them since it is projected to be only a 15-minute car ride to the airport.

  • Convenient for bikers

The project is located near a park; it is part of a park connector to Tampines Central just 2.5 kilometers away. Hence if you are a cyclist, or love biking to work, this is the perfect location for you to bike to the location of the current Tampines MRT station.


  • Limited available units

Since the project is located at a rather prime location with the oversize trio within convenient distance and an upcoming MRT station in the future, it is predicted that there might be oversubscription for it. However, the supply of units is rather limited as compared to the number of units available at Punggol. Therefore, it is highly dependent on your luck if you were to go for this BTO choice.

  • Higher prices

Since Tampines North is considered as a mature estate by the government, therefore buyers will have to pay a premium for it. However, some might feel that it is not worth to pay for the premium since most amenities and the main Tampines MRT station are all located at Tampines Central. Hence, it may not be worthwhile to pay for the premium as you do not have direct access to enjoy these amenities. Unless of course, you don’t mind waiting for at least 5 years after moving in before you get to enjoy the convenience brought about by the new MRT station.

  • Not a fan of industrial areas

According to the URA Master Plan, the empty land west of Tampines Retail Park including Lorong Halus has been zoned as Business 2, which is a future industrial area. There is speculation that this district might be fairly similar to the Jurong Industrial Estate. If you prefer a quieter environment and better air quality, then this is definitely not the location for you.

  • Inconvenient for CBD workers

For residents who commute to work in the city from Tampines North, it will be a nightmare for you every morning! This is because no matter if you travel by public or private transport, the route is not straightforward. Drivers will have to drive on 4 expressways (CTE, PIE, KPE, and TPE). For public transport commuters, it will take you about 15-20 minutes before you arrive at the nearest MRT station which is the Tampines MRT. Though there is an upcoming MRT station at Tampines North, you will have to wait for at least another 10 years and even so, this is not a direct link to the city.

Punggol BTO


  • High growth potential

Even though the property prices are relatively cheaper now, development in the vicinity has been growing at a rapid rate with many executive condominiums in the area. There are also plans to develop the area into a “Silicon Valley”.

As such, property prices are expected to rise in the future since it has yet to reach its maximum growth potential. Therefore, this might be a worthwhile investment to make for home buyers as they can eventually sell off the property at a premium.

  • More available units

As compared to the number of units available in the Tampines BTO, there are more available units for the Punggol BTO projects. This simply means that there is a higher chance of scoring a unit in this project.

  • Enjoy waterfront living

One big plus point for residents living in this area is that they will be able to enjoy waterfront living which is a really scenic view that many homebuyers yearn to have. What makes this area even more special is that this is probably one of the last sea-facing Punggol BTO as the governments might have plans to earmark most of the remaining desirable residential areas along the Coney Island Channel for private development.

Thus, this will also mean that this is probably the last chance to score a scenic view just right outside your house or to live along the shore. The West plot will be facing the Straits of Johor directly; however, those that are in the stack facing North will probably have their view being blocked by the Pasir Gudang petrochemical complex on the opposite shore. On the other hand, the East plot does promise a very good view since it is facing Pulau Ubin with a better sea view.

  • Many amenities in the vicinity

Though there are not many amenities in the vicinity currently, but the government has plans to further develop the area to better provide for the increasing number of residents in the area. There are also plans for a primary school to be built near Northshore link.

The Punggol Digital District and Singapore Institute of Technology university are also near the area, thus property in the area will definitely be attractive to expat professionals or students who are working or studying near the area and hope to rent a property there.

Recreational activity wise, there is a park connector connecting to Coney Island and Punggol Waterway Park, as well as towards Pasir Ris and Loyang via Lorong Halus. This particular stretch of the PCN will also become part of a 150km-long Round Island Route. With the Punggol Coast MRT coming up in 2023 and an upcoming mega hub in 2021, the area is definitely going to be a hit!


  • Busy Traffic

This area will be a nightmare for people who drive since the traffic during rush hour is horrendous. Imagine that you have to wake up extra early just to avoid being stuck in the morning traffic every day.

Well, this is the kind of life for you if you live in Punggol and choose to drive. Even though the government has plans to build more roads leading in and of the town and towards the KPE, with increasing residents in the area, there is still bound to have heavy traffic there during peak hours.


As the old saying goes, there is always two sides of a coin. There are both pros and cons for the BTO project launch in Punggol and Tampines, hence it is important to take this time to properly analyse before you submit an application in order to find a home that is suitable for you.

Colin Lim
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