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Tampines VS Punggol, Battle of the September 2019 BTO Launch

With the shift of the August BTO launch to September 2019, the government announced a series of changes, including the introduction of the Enhanced CPF Housing Grant (EHG), which replaces the Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG) and Special CPF Housing Grant (SHG), and higher income ceilings across HDBs and Executive condominiums. This change took place […]

An update on fixed deposit-pegged home loans: Rising rates

A home loan package with its interest rate pegged to a bank’s Fixed Deposit (FD) rates was widely popular among homeowners during its initial inception. FD rates were first pioneered by DBS, and her peers came up with their own versions soon after. The FD rates’ popularity was attributed to a very low rate in […]

How To Get A Mortgage And Finance Your Property Purchase

Perhaps it’s your first time buying a property. Or maybe you’re a seasoned property investor, with over a decade of experience. While this guide makes for a great checklist for first timers, it’s always good to revisit and make sure you don’t miss anything out. What are some of the considerations to make and steps […]

An update on fixed deposit-pegged home loans: Rising rates

A home loan package with its interest rate pegged to a bank’s fixed deposit rates was considered extremely innovative, back when DBS first introduced such a product in 2014. Now, this has become a norm, with most banks having offered or are still offering loan packages pegged to fixed deposit rates. The fixed deposit rate […]

5 clauses you shouldn’t miss when refinancing your mortgage

Refinancing your home loan: Here’s what you need to know Refinancing a loan can help you to save thousands on your mortgage payments, but that is not the case for all loans! Before diving into refinancing, there are a few important conditions and dates that we have to know to ensure we really secure those […]

Collective sales in Singapore: Frequently asked questions

En bloc is a collective sales method that is unique to Singapore with private developers acquiring the whole development and/or adjoining properties under one single transaction. This is governed by the Land Titles (Strata) Act. The recent slew of en bloc properties in 2017 has proven that the market is indeed in its recovery phase. […]

FAQs on The Use of CPF For Home Purchase

Undeniably, purchasing a property is a major decision, and probably the heaviest financial commitment for most of us. However, the use of Central Provident Fund (CPF) to pay the down payment and make monthly financial obligations has been a popular and widely-considered option for many home buyers in Singapore. Are you, too, considering to finance […]

The home owner’s guide to leveraging on CPF Housing Grants

Taking the first step in making a good decision on your first property purchase will give you a better overall real estate experience. While property prices have moved up over the years, Singaporeans who wish to purchase their first HDB property should not allow this to get into their way. The CPF housing grants was […]