Colin Lim

Colin Lim

Colin began his career as an engineer with a manufacturing firm. After honing his analytical skills, he moved into finance where, during his time with two major foreign banks, he worked as a mortgage banker and a relationship manager that specialised in wealth management. He currently oversees a team of mortgage advisors and has helped homeowners finance more than a total of SGD$1 billion worth of property.

Budget 2023: Property Outlook In View Of The Increase In Buyer’s Stamp Duty

With effect from 15 February 2023, the Government announced in as part of Budget 2023 that Buyer’s Stamp Duty for both higher-value residential and non-residential properties will be increased. This measure reflects the government’s commitment to ensure affordable housing by enhancing the progressivity of the Buyer’s Stamp Duty regime. Additionally, the revised Buyer’s Stamp Duty regime is estimated to garner an additional $500 million in revenue per year, though the exact revenue will be dependent on the property market. Buyer’s

Guide to Achieving the Singaporean Dream: Purchasing Your First HDB Resale Flat

Whether you’re a newly wedded couple who isn’t keen to wait for your BTO, a retiree couple or a single individual looking for your first home, the HDB resale market has a variety of housing options to offer you. Purchasing properties involves complex paperwork and some hidden costs. So, here’s a complete guide for your HDB resale journey. 1. Understanding the timeline Here’s a quick rundown of the key periods to purchase your resale HDB. As shown, it should take

How You Should Use Your CPF To Pay For Your Home Loan

One of the most common mistakes is the lack of understanding on how you can maximise the usage of your CPF accounts to repay your home loans. We want to share an insight on how you can have a comfortable retirement plan while maximising your CPF savings to repay your home loan. With his expertise as a mortgage banker and relationship manager specializing in wealth management in two major foreign banks, Colin Lim has helped homeowners finance more than SGD$1

How much should I borrow for my property?

Choosing a suitable and affordable mortgage loan is crucial in the process of buying a property. After all, it would impact up to 30 years of your life and could end up being a financial burden if not managed well. Yet, many overlook its importance amidst the flurry of hunting for the perfect property and numerous legal procedures to adhere to. Here are some guidelines when deciding on how much to borrow. Down payment A key consideration for most is

Would the Property Cooling Measures in 2021 Affect You?

Following the announcement of cooling measures for the property market, the shares of many property firms have fallen. But is there really a cause for concern for buyers like you? Or are the cooling measures likely to just have a short-term impact on our property market? This article dissects the 3 main cooling measures that would affect you and predicts who it would have the heaviest impact on. 1. Hike in Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD) rates If you are

All good things come to an end: Singapore’s first private leasehold returned

There is a common phrase that reverberates throughout many Singaporeans, “unless you actually own a freehold estate, you are always a lessee to the government”. By legal definitions, this statement is unfounded given that one does actually hold both equitable and legal interests in the land for the entire duration of the lease, be it 60 years, 99 years or 999 years. On legal papers, it is recognized that the purchase of the property is the actual owner. However, when

8 Ways to Spot a Lousy Mortgage Broker

Moving into a new home is one of the most transformative stages in many of our lives. It is the manifestation of countless sacrifices, multiple viewings, negotiations, discussions with family members and a step forward in our journey. You have worked so hard to get there, surely you deserve a break? But no. Nothing truly prepares you for the less glamorous, often under-whelming and exhausting stage ahead. No, it is not having to pack and unpack your entire life in

Are New Condominium Launches a better investment option?

“Confirm will appreciate one (sic)” and “Buy Condo from developer confirm make money (sic)” are what on-site property agents or that busybody relative of yours would claim when hard selling the idea to you of purchasing a brand new condominium unit from the developer during a show flat viewing. A decision not made any easier with stunning and intricately built artist’s impression project models standing right before you, beckoning for you to take part in a dream lifestyle promised with

Asian property magnet: What makes Singapore look so attractive as a hub for property investments?

A bird’s eye view of Singapore might just resemble a snapshot of our distant Asian neighbor, Hong Kong. Both characterized by high-rise metallic-bodied office towers and high-density living, Singapore and Hong Kong stand on the leaderboard of having some of the world’s most expensive real estate. Preserving its global title as being the most expensive city, Bloomberg reports indicate that a whopping $1.2 million would only get you an average home in Hong Kong, with Singapore being a close runner-up.

Unique HDB Houses

With most of the Singapore population living in HDB flats, it will be interesting to know the different types of flats around are not just your usual Build to Orders (BTOs). Additionally, if you are hunting for a roof over your head, these hidden gems could be possible alternatives. Here are 4 unique HDB housing types that exist but often go unnoticed: 1. HDB Terrace Flats These are not your typical terraces or semi-Ds, we are talking about landed public